Prices and Levels

We offer 3 different levels of Lindy Hop classes. Please read the level descriptions below carefully – it will be more fun for you and for everybody else if you choose the level most suitable for you.

The Solo Jazz class is open for everyone with some experience in Lindy Hop/Solo Jazz


Lindy Hop Levels:


You have been dancing regularly for at least 9 months. You feel confident with moves such as swing out, circle, outside and inside turns, texas tommy and charleston moves. You want to expand your repertoire and start playing.


You have been dancing for around 2 years and you feel at home on the dance floor. Leading and following feels natural to you, you are keen to work on stylings and variations, as well as improve your technique.


You have been dancing for at least 3 or 4 years, and have had classes with various teachers, taken workshops and travelled  a bit in the Lindy world. You have started to develop your own style and to improvise. You wanna go deep now – and work on concepts rather then moves, dig into the core of the dance, partner connection, and jazz music.

Solo Jazz:

We believe that who wants to be good at partner dancing needs to find his own connection to the music and movement of the swing era. Solo Jazz, that’s energy, groove, that’s crazy movements and lots of fun. Be inspired by the two awesome solo dancers Cat and Cam.
Everyone can join this class who has some experience in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz or similar solo dances.



Early bird price until 18th April Late Bird price from 19th April
Full Price Student Full Price Student
Lindy Hop
(3h of classes + 2h of tasters + 4 partys)
65 58 75 68
Solo Jazz
(2h of classes + 2h of tasters + 4 partys)
45 39 55 49
Lindy Hop + Solo Jazz
(5h of classes + 2h of tasters + 4 partys)
90 80 105 95
Tasters + Partys
(2h of tasters + 4 partys)
28 22 35 29

After registration you will receive an e-mail from us.  If you don’t receive the mail, please check your SPAM folder and make sure there are no spelling mistakes in your e-mail-adress!

Once we can give you a spot, you will receive a second confirmation e-mail with payment details. Please pay within 14 days to secure your spot – otherwise we will pass it on to someone else.

We give no refunds after 1st of May. However, if you really can’t attend the workshop, you can find someone to take your spot and buy your ticket after that date.

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